A++ Aniseed

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A must-have for all aniseed lovers. Intense and fruity on the nose, it unfolds a true taste explosion on the palate. The pleasant sweetness in the finish does not come from any added sugar, but is due solely to the anethole from the aniseed seeds. With its 50% vol. if it is a bit stronger, it results in a wonderful taste experience when diluted pure or with ice water or ice cubes (immediately becomes milky cloudy).

50% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


Smell: Masterly aniseed concept, very typical and fresh, some citrus top notes, orange, coniferous-resinous-juniper, star anise, caraway, anise, fennel, hyssop, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, green reflexes, cool menthol.

Taste: Classic variety characteristics, opulent anise base, citrus, lots of orange peel, vanilla, caraway, cardamom, fennel, eucalyptus, mint, nice balance and harmony, compact, dense body, long-lasting finish

Drinking Suggestion: pure, with an ice cube or a splash of water

Awards: WSA 2018 double gold and Spirit of the year, falstaff 2014 95 points

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