G+ Oak Cask Edition Gin

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As this gin matures in a wooden barrel, so did it’s recipe. It shouldn’t be too much juniper, it should be emphatically citrus-fruity and spicy and be supported by wood and vanilla tones. Therefore, in addition to juniper, this gin is primarily based on the use of mandarins and cardamom and is then matured in a used wooden barrel for a year.

44% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


Since it can be perfectly combined with ginger ale, this gin is not only suitable for whiskey and rum drinkers, but also for all those who do not like the bitter taste of tonic.

Nose: Dominant tangerine, vanilla, subtle juniper, spicy cardamom.

Palate: A reflection of the smell, whereby the juniper gets through a little more than in the smell, especially in the finish mandarin peel and vanilla.

Recommended Serving: pure or 1:5 to 1:10 mixed with ginger ale

Awards: CWSA 2018 Gold, WSA 2017 Gold, WSA 2018 Gold, WSA 2019 Gold, WSA 2020 Gold, Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards 2020 Gold

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