G+ Tangerine Edition Gin

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The finest sun-ripened mandarins from Calabria and spicy thyme are, besides juniper, the most important botanicals of the G+ Tangerine Edition Gin.

Both imagine themselves as quite confident in the glass. The essential oils of the tangerine dominate in the nose, rounded with thyme spice and then added again in the finish. A pleasant astringency comes from the tangerine and a mild sweetness from the thyme for spice.

44% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


Nose: fresh juniper-citrus dialogue, coniferous notes, botanicals in the base, tangerine, intense orange peel, typical albedo tones, mint, cool menthol, clear juniper background, anise, caraway.

Palate: Fine fragrance copy, citrus, berry-oily, somewhat resinous-stalked, juniper, mandarin, orange, raspberry, rooty aspects, ginger, aniseed, mint, eucalyptus, straightforward, balanced, good density and length.

Recommended Serving: pure or 1: 5 to 1:10 mixed with tonic

Awards: CWSA 2018 Doublegold & Spirit of the year, WSA 2018 Gold, WSA 2019 Gold, WSA 2020 Gold, Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards 2020 Platinum

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