Gin Jeannie Special Edition

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The Gin Jeannie is a special edition of our G+ Classic Edition, which was created in cooperation with Sabine Zorn from the LEUCHTPUNKTE agency.

“Let’s call it inspiration. London Dry Gins – by the way, this is not a designation of origin, but a variant of distillation – exists (again) as a fashion drink! Gin Jeanie brings together three factors that others don’t have to offer. First: the award-winning quality of Distillery Krauss, a fine manufacturer in western Styria. Secondly: the Verve by Sabine Jeannie Zorn, ex-manager of an international music group and now operator of the agency Leuchtpunkt. With the latter, she relies on sustainable ideas and creative communication. Thirdly: Sabine Jeannie Zorn is often called Jeannie by many friends. The play on words was obvious.

Bang! What sounds like a crazy idea really became one.”

44% vol.


Product contains: 0,5 Liter

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Smell: very intense, powerful, grandiose juniper, a lot of animating freshness, clear citrus fruit, floral notes

Taste: mild, refreshing juniper berries, citrus notes, floral notes, persistent length, very harmonious and compact

Recommended Serving: pure or 1:5 to 1:10 mixed with tonic

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