Rose Garden Dry Gin

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 68,00 / Liter

This gin captivates with its intense rose taste, which is gained through the subsequent addition of rose essence. We could not fall back on real roses or dried rose petals, because although the scent of roses is wonderful and intense, it is very difficult or even impossible to get into the gin by distillation.

44% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


The Rose Garden Dry Gin consists of a clear, fresh gin with strong juniper and subtle citrus notes paired with clear rose notes.

Nose: Highly aromatic, perfumed type, rose oil and juniper mix, citrus, rose petals, juniper presence, ginger, lavender, vegetable touch, orange extract, fine, green and herbal notes, cool menthol.

Palate: Very straightforward, resinous, ethereal-floral base, juniper, lavender, rose petals, ginger, orange peel, juicy-sweet, balanced, dense and long.

Recommended Serving: pure or 1:5 to 1:10 mixed with a classic tonic.

Awards: WSA 2017 Gold, Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards 2020 Gold

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