What is life without the freedom to do the things you love, to live your dreams, enjoy your world?
When you feel that freedom you can spread your wings, like a mighty swan and show the world who you were always meant to be.

At KRAUSS we take freedom very seriously. It is at the core of who we are, of what we do and what we stand for. There is truth and elegance and beauty when you connect with the purity of nature. In that spirit we are distilling only the most precious local and international ingredients with smooth alpine water to our handcrafted essence of freedom – freedom you can enjoy.
KRAUSS Distillery
That´s the Spirit!

Portrait photo of Carmen Krauss and Werner Krauss between whiskey barrels. Red background, both have a tasting glass in their hands

We started our journey to freedom in 2007, when we began to create our spirits in the garage of our home. Today people from all over the world enjoy our creations, which are still hand crafted. We might have left the garage behind us, but we took the "spirit" of our humble beginnings with us – That freedom to do the things our way and as we believe them to be good and worthy of our effort.



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Pure and smooth mountain water from the Kor Alps is the base on which the taste can really unfold. All fruits, grain, herbs and other ingredients, that grow here in Styria, are sourced from regional farmers, which we all know personally and trust. Ingredients, that partly come from far away, are sourced only from partners that we can trust. We are not in a rush when it comes to quality. This is because we want to wholeheartedly stand behind the products that get into our bottles. There are no compromises. Because when it comes out of the bottle, it should always be only one thing: the purest joy.



Superior quality as a promise

Exklusive Line – Luxury at its best

– Whisky, Rum, Gin, Anise, Vodka, Brandy –


Danger Line - Easy lifestyle for everyone

– Gin and Vodka –


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