2020: new products, new tastings

2020: new products, new tastings

As all of you know, 2020 has been a very special year in many ways. And still there were – despite Lockdown, bar- and restaurant-closings as well as other constraints – some positive news for us.

We have used this exceptional year to participate in some new tasting competitions. But not only the competitions were new to us, also the products that we submitted, were partially new or not even released.

Full of joy and pride we are happy to provide you with an overview of the results here:

Spirits Selection by concours mondial de bruxelles

At this unique tasting 60 judges tasted and evaluated 1.400 differents spirits from 54 countries. 3 of our products have been awarded with a gold medal:

  • London Dry Gin Bergamot Pepper
  • G+ Classic Edition Gin
  • G+ Lemon Edition Gin

Las Vegas Global Spirits Award

The Las Vegas Global Spirits Award is perhabs – together with the tasting in San Francisco – the most important tasting in the US. Unfortunately the tasting as well as the publication of the results needed to be postponed due to COVID-19, but the waiting has been worth it:


  • G+ Classic Edition Gin
  • G+ Saffron Edition Gin
  • Applebrandy
  • G+ Tangerine Edition Gin


  • Rum Port Cask finished
  • G++ Oak Cask Edition Gin
  • Rose Garden Dry Gin

International Sugarcane Spirits Award

We’ve been longing for the publication of ISS, a tasting dedicated solely to rum. Why? First, this tasting had a category for unsweetened rum – which is the correct category for all our rums – and additionally because we had 3 special edition rums to be filled in 2020. That is why this tasting came in handy. Here the waiting has been worth it again: our classic rum has been awarded as the best rum from all European entries. Especially for a unsweetened rum this result is truly amazing. This award fills us with pride and shows us, that we are on the right track with our products in the rum-category.

2 out of our 3 special editions have been awarded as finalists in their category (unsweetened, matured 3-6 years), which can be valued similar to a gold medal:

Best of Region Europe:

  • Rum


  • Rum Sherry Cask finished
  • Rum Port Cask finished

In terms of tastings and awards, 2020 has really been another great year for us.

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