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6. July 2020
Lying, slim G+ Gin bottle of tangerine with CWSA double gold medal, next to it filled glass with ice cubes, flowers as decoration

1:2, 1:4 or 1:10 – what is the perfect gin to tonic mixing ratio?

We’re often asked the question of how to mix gin and tonic correctly and the honest answer to this mystery is: “it depends”. Unfortunately, it is common in the culinary industry to serve a fixed amount of gin, usually 4cl, with 200ml tonic. This results in a mixing ratio of 1:5, but the mixing ratio recommended by the manufacturer is […]
15. June 2020
Advent wreath, golden Christmas decoration, mulled wine in a cup, tasting glass with gin and a bottle of G Plus Krauss gin

Mulled Gin Recipe

Mulled wine is of course something fine, but we thought that with our gin something warm and festive could be created. So we tried Mulled Gin. After the recipe successfully passed the internal tasting test, we would of course like to share it with you. You will need: 1 litre mild apple juice 4 cloves 2 cinnamon sticks 1 piece […]
15. June 2020
Lying, slim G+ Gin bottle of tangerine with CWSA double gold medal, next to it filled glass with ice cubes, flowers as decoration

Simple tricks to impress your guests

A well-stocked house bar is no longer a rarity. Here are a few tips here on how you can get even more out of your drinks and really impress your guests. 1.)    Particular Glasses Anyone who has ever drunk an Aperol Spritzer from a glass with a handle (me) knows that the right (or wrong) glass definitely makes a difference. […]
24. April 2020
Tall, slim 500ml bottle of G+ London Dry

London Dry – what does it actually mean?

Gin has various manufacturing methods, all of which have their own names. This article is intended to clarify the different types of gin. First, however, we would like to briefly give an insight into the gin production itself. The fact that juniper is decisive for gin is now widely known, but there is a rumour that gin is actually a […]
24. April 2020
Vermouth 700 with ice cubes in a wine glass. Slice of orange as decoration, wood as background

Vermouth – a relic from the past or a new trend?

When it comes to the current trends in the beverage trade and gastronomy, vermouth is on the rise and could become the new in-drink, especially as an aperitif. But, is this really the truth? We had many conversations lately and whenever we mentioned the word “vermouth”, we were met with astonished expressions and questions such as “Vermouth is so bitter, […]
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