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10. July 2020
500ml whiskey bottle with a yellow label and two chickens on it. yellow cardboard in the background. Earth, corn kernels and chicken feather as decoration. Sulm Valley Whiskey

Gold in San Francisco for our Sulm Valley Whiskey

We are proud to announce that our Sulm Valley Whiskey was awarded a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This award is particularly humbling because we have done so well with a Styrian “bourbon” in the country it’s origin (officially we cannot call it a bourbon, but the recipe corresponds to a bourbon). This special whiskey is […]
15. June 2020
Lying, slim G+ Gin bottle of tangerine with CWSA double gold medal, next to it filled glass with ice cubes, flowers as decoration

Simple tricks to impress your guests

A well-stocked house bar is no longer a rarity. Here are a few tips here on how you can get even more out of your drinks and really impress your guests. 1.)    Particular Glasses Anyone who has ever drunk an Aperol Spritzer from a glass with a handle (me) knows that the right (or wrong) glass definitely makes a difference. […]
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