Claudia says:

Portrait photo of Claudia Ofner, Secretary at Distillery Krauss

For me and my husband as true connoisseurs of good food and drink, we’ve had many “Krauss moments”.

One of the highlights is certainly that time we invited guests for the weekend and there were eight to ten people at the table. I prepared a few starters, mostly from the Italian kitchen, as well as the appropriate side dishes and sauces. My husband gives his utmost at the barbeque and spoils us with a perfect piece of medium-rare sirloin. Even if the week before was perhaps stressful for many of us, including the time it took me to shop for the perfect dinner, this coming together was always going to be worth it.

It is an unspoken law that my friend brings the dessert with her. But before we enjoyed it, everyone (with one exception) asked: “Will there be another gin and tonic after this sumptuous meal?” YES, and that’s the absolute “Krauss moment” – pure relaxation when everyone leans back and enjoys. Oh, and of course the exception also drinks something special: “Claudia, do you have that excellent Sulm Valley Whiskey for me again? You know, I’m not that fond of gin.”

Of course, only the best for my friends.

It wasn’t the last gin and tonic for the evening, nor the last whiskey, but we were already planning the next get-together. This time it’s with another couple; I bring gin and whiskey instead of the dessert so that we can keep on enjoying this “Krauss moment”.


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