Continuity – WSA 2019

Continuity – WSA 2019

DI Dr. Werner Krauss with Wolfram Ortner at the World Spirits Award 2019


Variable noun

continuous connection; consistency; steady progress of something

The WSA (World Spirits Award) has been a constant companion since the beginning of our work. With all the national and international tastings that already exist, it is important to filter out those that stand out for their professionalism and neutrality. Our experience has shown that not all that glitters is gold, but at the WSA, both of the aforementioned properties are very important. That is also the reason why we regularly take up training from WSA initiator Wolfram Ortner.

This year we can again look forward to the results at the WSA. It has always been and still is our goal to convince our customers with continuous quality. Right now, after moving to our new distillery and hiring the first employees, we see ourselves in debt to prove that the quality achieved is neither the result of our location nor the number of employees, but can only be attributed to our own quality standards and our passion.

It is clear to us that not all of the submitted products were created entirely in the new distillery, but yet you should know that quality is and will remain our number 1 claim.

Our product range is very wide and constantly changing, but all of our products have a common denominator, regardless of whether it is brandy, gin or spirits, the quality of the end product is always in the foreground throughout the entire production process. And that is what we mean by continuity despite changing times. It is particularly pleasing that we have now been able to prove this claim once again, confirmed by the results at the WSA:

  • Distillery Classification:
    • 2x World-Class Distillery 2019
    • 1x Master-Class Distillery 2019
  • Gins:
    • G+ Saffron Edition: Double Gold, Spirit of the year
    • G+ Classic Edition: Gold
    • G+ Oak Cask Edition: Gold
    • G+ Flower Edition: Gold
    • G+ Tangerine: Gold
  • Strong Spirits:
    • Strong Spirit Cider Brandy: Gold
    • Strong Spirit Pear: Gold
    • Strong Spirit Peach: Gold 
  • Brandies:
    • Kronprinz Rudolf: Double Gold
    • Muscat Bleu Grape Brandy: Gold
  • Sprits:
    • Pear Spirit: Gold
    • Walnut Spirit: Gold

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