Denise, 37 from Linz says:

Young lady with a straw hat has a filled glass in front of her and smells it

Do you know those days, so crowded with calls and meetings that you almost forget lunch, and in the afternoon you have no idea what time it is? I had exactly that  today and today is only Tuesday. I am on my way home, feeling stressed and a conversation with a customer, for whom I have not exactly shone with courtesy and understanding, still haunts my thoughts. I actually wanted to meet a friend for dinner, but I don’t feel like it after all and also feel like I’m not a nice companion today. I cancelled on her. Sometimes you just need to rest after a day like that.

I’ll cook something fine for myself at home and then I’ll see the evening out with some stupid show. On the way home I buy the necessary ingredients and immediately start preparing my asparagus risotto at home. I love the smell of freshly cooked food. I set the table and even take one of my favorite serviettes, which I usually only use when I get a visitor. While the risotto is still simmering, I quickly pour another Vermouth 700 into a white wine glass with ice and sit on the balcony with it. I light a cigarette and contemplate the day. “It wasn’t really that bad,” I think to myself, so I raise my glass and enjoy the cool drink.


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