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My Krauss Moment – what does it mean?

Under the title of "My Krauss Moment", we proudly present very personal moments of pleasure with our products. We also publish your moments of pleasure here again and again, so please send them to us - with a photo if you like. Below are 3 such moments from our customers and the 7 moments of pleasure from all Distillery-Krauss employees. They will hopefully serve as inspiration for you to take a little break from your everyday life and to simply enjoy the moment.

28. May 2020
Portrait photo of DI Dr. Carmen Krauss, CEO of Distillery Krauss

Carmen says:

Especially when things are very hectic, it is important to just sit back and reflect on what has happened in recent years. I can do that best on warm summer evenings; the children are already sleeping on the Hollywood swing in our garden, a warm wind is blowing, I have a mojito with our rum and fresh mint from the […]
28. May 2020
Portrait photo of Sabrina Knappitsch, Quality Manager at Distillery Krauss

Sabrina says:

I moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend almost two years ago. There are of course many new and unknown situations to be mastered. Moving from home for the first time, sharing an apartment for the first time with a partner, mastering a bachelor’s degree and a part-time job. Of course, for the time being, we were focused on […]
23. April 2020
young lady sits comfortably on the couch, reads a book and drinks wine from a wine glass

Sabine, 31 from Wolfsberg says:

The Indian summer is over and Autumn has arrived. In the evening it is really cold outside. My two daughters, 6 and 8 years old, were hyperactive today and didn’t want to sit still for a minute. Somehow that was particularly hard on my nerves today. My husband is about to read something to them, so hopefully they will fall […]
28. May 2020
2 square whiskey glasses filled with whiskey and ice cubes. In front of it is a cigar

Wolfgang, 42 from Hall in Tirol says:

Today is Saturday, one of the few Saturdays I really took time off. In the morning my wife and I were shopping together since we invited a couple of friends to a barbeque this afternoon. While she is already preparing everything, I quickly mow the lawn so that I don’t have a guilty conscience for not doing anything today. Our […]
28. May 2020
Portrait photo of Bettina Sturmann, Procurator at Distillery Krauss

Bettina says:

My boyfriend and I are currently on a hiking holiday and we decided to rent a small hut in Nassfeld. Today we hiked almost 19km and 1050 vertical meters in glorious sunshine and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Since we already had lunch in another hut along the way, we don’t need to cook anymore. We take a shower, put on […]
28. May 2020
Portrait photo of Claudia Ofner, Secretary at Distillery Krauss

Claudia says:

For me and my husband as true connoisseurs of good food and drink, we’ve had many “Krauss moments”. One of the highlights is certainly that time we invited guests for the weekend and there were eight to ten people at the table. I prepared a few starters, mostly from the Italian kitchen, as well as the appropriate side dishes and […]

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