New Logo – That’s the spirit

New Logo – That’s the spirit

Distillery Krauss logo plus thats the spirit

Some of you who were paying attention have already noticed: we have a new logo!

The swan is still there, but we added a new font to the word “Krauss” and added the word “DISTILLERY”.

Why have we done this?

Somehow we combine the old logo with our garage and with Carmen and Werner as a team of two. But times are changing now. We will soon move to our new, modern distillery and we have expanded our team to 7 people (a team presentation will follow). The new logo should still exude tradition and quality, but appear a little more “modern” than the old one. It stands for professionalisation, internationalisation and healthy growth, paired with the quality standards that we have always strived for.

Bye bye two man show and our garage; hello world!

In addition to our new logo, we’ve added a brand message: THAT’S THE SPIRIT

“That’s the spirit” stands for many things that we all want to combine.

On the one hand, the word “spirit” stands for alcohol. In this context, “that’s the spirit” means that anyone who would like to drink high-proof alcohol should be able to find it here. That’s why we not only have 7 different types of gin on offer, but also rum, whiskey, vodka and other spirits. There should be something for everyone. And of course we hope that our products are our customers’ first choice. That’s the spirit.

On the other hand, the word spirit also stands for mind and meaning. We all live and love our work as part of a team and the products we offer. We are all the Krauss Distillery and you should feel that in every contact with us. We also hope that we can transfer this meaning to others, regardless of whether customer, supplier or business partner. We want you all to feel this sense and spirit, and to let you become true fans.

This spirit is based on tradition, passion, quality, but also fun and joie de vivre.

Alcohol in itself is “only” alcohol, but alcohol paired with the Distillery Krauss spirit: That’s the spirit.

We also want to know what you think. What does “That’s the spirit” mean for you?

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