G+ Classic Edition Gin

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Our G + Classic Edition was conceived in 2014 (then known as G+ London Dry Gin) as a straight-line gin with a dominant juniper note, which is only subtly ensnared by citrus and floral notes. It was important to us to make a strong gin, yet is still characterised by a fine freshness.

44% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


The concept was right, because the first international tasting we took part in already gave us sensational success. The “who’s who” of the world’s gin producers meet every year at the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”. Of the 121 gins submitted from around the world, only 10 products received a double gold medal and one of them went to our G+ London Dry.

Whether enjoyed pure or as a mix, it is a hit. Due to the straightforward style, it can be mixed almost as desired. Whether with tonic, Schilerol, elderflower juice, champagne or much more. Here you can let your imagination run wild.

Smell: very intense, powerful, grandiose juniper, a lot of animating freshness, clear citrus fruit, floral notes

Taste: mild, refreshing juniper berries, citrus notes, floral notes, persistent length, very harmonious and compact

Recommended Serving: pure or 1: 5 to 1:10 mixed with tonic

Awards: SFWSC 2015 double gold, CWSA 2018 double gold, WSA 2017 gold, WSA 2018 double gold, falstaff 2014 93 points, WSA 2020 gold

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