G+ Lemon Edition Gin

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 62,00 / Liter

The G + Lemon Edition Gin is completely committed to the sunny citrus fruits. Here we have taken the juniper back a little so that it only just supports the freshness.

The various fruity-fresh to bitter citrus notes dominate, with slightly spicy notes. It’s an experience in itself, but mixed with tonic, things really get going. There are more spicy taste impressions and the bitter taste of grapefruit, as well as their refreshing fragrance are now really coming into their own. Wonderfully refreshing, ideal for summer.

44% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


Smell: lemon, grapefruit, fruity, very intense, juniper, lots of animating freshness, powerful, spicy notes, smells like summer.

Taste: mild, refreshing, dense, grapefruit, juniper berries, pleasantly bitter and spicy, persistent length, very harmonious, compact.

Recommended Serving: 1: 5 to 1:10 mixed with tonic or bitter lemon

Awards: WSA 2017 Gold, WSA 2018 Gold

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