G+ Saffron Edition Gin

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 68,00 / Liter

The saffron gin is bright yellow and powerful in taste. The saffron makes the gin a little oily and makes it taste even more rounded – almost mature. It flatters the palate and, above all, invites you to pure enjoyment. The fine notes of saffron on the nose give it that certain something. We use Austrian saffron for the production, mainly from Burgenland, the Weinviertel and Waldviertel.

44% vol.

Product contains: 0,5 Liter


Smell: very intense juniper aroma, spicy notes of saffron, lots of animating freshness, clear citrus fruit, floral notes

Taste: oily, thick saffron, mild, spicy, refreshing, juniper berries, persistent length, very harmonious, compact, delicately tart,

Recommended Serving: pure

Awards: WSA 2017 Gold, WSA 2019 Doppelgold & Spirit of the year, WSA 2020 Doppelgold, Falstaff 2015 94 points

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