Sabrina says:

Portrait photo of Sabrina Knappitsch, Quality Manager at Distillery Krauss

I moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend almost two years ago. There are of course many new and unknown situations to be mastered. Moving from home for the first time, sharing an apartment for the first time with a partner, mastering a bachelor’s degree and a part-time job. Of course, for the time being, we were focused on the essentials, namely the interior design. The large terrace had to wait there and be satisfied with the gifted and thrown together garden furniture, a few flowers and pots of herbs. Now that we’ve given our large terrace mere sympathetic glances for almost two years, we tackled the terrace “feel good” project and together we made a couch from europallets (although neither of us is a gifted craftsmen), moved the herbs to uniform pots and equipped the railing with a few new flowers. After the wood glaze on the pallet couch was finally dry, we made ourselves comfortable on the cuddly, soft upholstery, took a proud look at what we did and toasted it with a gin and tonic.


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