What is vermouth?

Vermouth is a flavoured, fortified wine. It is flavoured with various herbs and spices, whereby the well-known wormwood herb is of course decisive. To “foritfy” means that the alcohol content of the drink is increased, usually with neutral alcohol, so that it lies between 14.5 and 21.9 percent in volume.

There are 5 different levels of sweetness amongst vermouth. The bitterness that the eponymous vermouth brings with it increases as the degree of sweetness decreases. For example, an “extra dry” vermouth may contain a maximum of 30g sugar per litre, while “sweet” vermouth has at least 130g sugar per litre. In between there are still dry, semi dry and semi sweet.

Incidentally, the basis for a vermouth doesn’t have to be white wine, but can be a red or rose wine.

The best-known vermouth is from Martini, of which there are already many different varieties, but there are also some so-called “craft distilleries” that offer products in this category.

What’s in Vermouth 700?

Vermouth 700 is a creation of Distillery Krauss in St. Martin im Sulmtal and Gut Moser in Leutschach. Gut Moser has the highest winery in Austria at 700m above sea level, hence the name Vermouth 700.

What makes Vermouth 700 special?

1.) It tastes delicious
2.) We use a first-class Sauvignon Blanc for the Vermouth 700
3.) We not only fortified it with neutral alcohol, but also with our G+ Oak Cask Edition Gin stored in wooden barrels. This gin was awarded gold at the World Spirits Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019. It also received a gold medal at the China Wine and Spirits Award 2018.
4.) We deliberately kept it dry (less sugar).
5.) It is ideal for drinking pure, but also for mixing.

How do you drink Vermouth 700?

Vermouth is known for its role in classic cocktails such as a Negroni or a Vodka Martini.

We recommend our Vermouth 700 in one of the following variants:

  • pure with ice cubes and a lemon or orange slice
  • 1: 1 mixed with tonic (preferably a dry tonic) with ice cubes and a lemon wedge
  • Our favourite: 1:1 mixed with ginger ale, ice cubes and an orange slice

Where can I buy Vermouth 700?

From our farm, in our online shop or at Gut Moser.
Will there be other versions of Vermouth 700?
Yes, we are already considering bringing a sweeter version onto the market. If you have any further questions or comments, please do get in touch via

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