Wolfgang, 42 from Hall in Tirol says:

2 square whiskey glasses filled with whiskey and ice cubes. In front of it is a cigar

Today is Saturday, one of the few Saturdays I really took time off. In the morning my wife and I were shopping together since we invited a couple of friends to a barbeque this afternoon. While she is already preparing everything, I quickly mow the lawn so that I don’t have a guilty conscience for not doing anything today.

Our guests arrive punctually at 16:00. We drink an aperitif, chat while I’m grilling and have a cozy meal together on the terrace. After dessert, the women start to talk more and more about the typical women’s topics, so I offer Andreas to accompany me down to the basement to my well-stocked bar. Said and done. I pour both of us the fine whiskey from Distillery Krauss and after we have toasted and enjoyed the first sip, we play a game of darts together.


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